From the recording Sun Dethroned

Taken from the album "Sun Dethroned".

Lyrics and Lead Vocals by Ricardo Pereira
Guitars and Backing Vocals by Pedro Quelhas & Daniel Laureano
Bass Guitar by Nuno Barbosa
Keyboard Arrangements by Nuno Barbosa & Pedro Quelhas
Drums and Percussion by Sandro Rodrigues

Recorded and Edited by Afonso Aguiar (Titanforged Productions) & Pedro Quelhas
Mixed and Mastered by Afonso Aguiar


A maniacal misconstruction
Aria of bleak despair
Darkened ode to corruption
Colossal sorrow stripped bare

Tales of blissful hatred
Love and madness intertwined
Sounding off the seventh trumpet
Purging all we once enshrined

The dusk will sing
Songs of lament
Heralds of plague
For dreams undreamt

A barren earth
His hidden plea
Sickened desire
Insane in sanity

The by-product of pain
Drowning in most blessed darkness
Blasphemous purity
The god of nothingness

She, mere slave of his neglect
Personified regret
Embodiment of all that he longed to forget

A flame that weakens, still
Frailty that betrays the will
Her spirit restless with a task to fulfill

Hers is the key
The constant plea
For one long lost
In sane insanity

Her dying flame endures
Alone in a sea of darkness
Faintly burning from within (him)
The god of nothingness

Oh, specter of pain
I wonder, can you hear?
The sound of all meaning
Wither and disappear

The Creator is absent
We are alone, I fear
Yet, soon, all our anguish
Shall wither and disappear

Amidst lament
Fate has decreed
Their desire
A tainted creed

Apart and incomplete,
In impure self-deceit
Revealing our existence
As vain and obsolete