1. Sun Dethroned

From the recording Sun Dethroned

Taken from the album "Sun Dethroned".

Lyrics and Lead Vocals by Ricardo Pereira
Guitars and Backing Vocals by Pedro Quelhas & Daniel Laureano
Bass Guitar by Nuno Barbosa
Keyboard Arrangements by Nuno Barbosa & Pedro Quelhas
Drums and Percussion by Sandro Rodrigues

Recorded and Edited by Afonso Aguiar (Titanforged Productions) & Pedro Quelhas
Mixed and Mastered by Afonso Aguiar


Her descent into oblivion
Gracefully walking down those steps
Into the groves of the unknown
That flourish on the darkest depths

Left burning scars in innocence

Goddess Lenore, my cruel will of fate
Heed these silent cries
For the reaper is at the gates

This day, you have ceased to know pain
And left behind all hopes and fears
Beyond all sorrow, knowing peace
Deafened to my selfish tears

Cast me down beyond all light
Where shadows bow in reverence

Cast upon the veil of darkness
A restless heart falls ever silent
Undisturbed by pleas of mercy
Ending a parasitic torment

What pain can vanquish shades of death?
The still-water chalice of fate?
When misery turns to despair
Our very nature we mutilate

In denial
For our crimes
A life denied

Lenore, my cruel will of fate
Alone, your servant cries
As the reaper closes the gates