From the recording Dream | Oblivion

Taken from the EP "Dream | Oblivion", released independently in 2014.

Lyrics and vocals by Ricardo Pereira
Guitars by Pedro Quelhas and Dinis Martins
Drums by Luís Neto
Bass by Afonso Aguiar


I surrender in seraphic bliss
Reminiscing in all I left behind
Writhing in the emptiness
A sea of sorrow in a land of sighs

Fading lights, this heart they bathe
Weary eyes, shut, break the chains
Align the stars for a final bow
Unending fear of thoughts profane

A life born from despair
Bleeding such thoughts and dreams impaired

My Goddess Eternal

Hail the twilight, bless the moon
Forever damned, the work of art
Of carving dreams in the tree of life
While betraying the ways of the heart

Fading lights, such sweet embrace
Move me closer to Her call
Rip the flesh that taints the will
For I'm to numb to care at all

Shield me from despair
Believing such thoughts and dreams impaired

Take this life
My shame
My strife

This hatred I feed within my veins
Enlightens the embers from the charred coal of
Your embrace, so cold in my arms, tonight

So bow down
To my mistress
In Death