II.VI.MMXXI - An update from Plato's cave

Dearly departed,

To say that Moonshade have been busy would be a tremendous understatement, and we can hardly contain the excitement of letting you know what we are working on.

We have nine new songs lined up in the form of a brand new album, and the processes of recording guitars, drums, bass and voice are essentially done. Orchestrations are currently being composed by two multi-talented gentlemen, namely our guitarrist Pedro Quelhas and our drummer Fernando Maia. Despite having entered the band too late for participating in the composition and recording of drums, Maia arrived just in time to improve our songs dramatically through his incredible creative input. Luís Dias, our new guitarrist, has done the same by providing Moonshade with solos and riffs that will lift your spirit with breathtaking melodies whilst dazzling you with technical ability beyond everything this band has ever had before.

The remaining three of us have revamped everything we knew about writing heavy music, as we feel like we owe you the very best we have to give. Overall, writing and recording this was a grueling task that has been streching all of us to the limits of our collective current abilities, and will show you Moonshade as you have never seen it before. However, as challenging as it is, it's probably the most fun we had in ages. 

Concerning lyrics, and as much as I love making up stories and characters, such as we did on Sun Dethroned, this time I decided to get my head out of the clouds and set my gaze upon the barren landscape of our existence, and then a little bit towards the stars, if only to catch a glimpse of where we are going. Expect something painfully real, that, hopefully, will also help you navigate these troubling times. 

May Sun Dethroned's successor prove worthy to your eyes and ears, as we lay our gods to rest. For now.

Yours in spirit,
Ricardo Pereira